Drama Review: Ruler – Master of the Mask

Saturated with tears, emotions, and heavy moments, Ruler: Master of the Mask was a rather depressing experience. You might question why I described it as "depressing," but we will get into that later. If you want to experience a roller coaster ride of emotions and a flood of tears, this drama is perfect for

K-Pop idols that are surprisingly of the same age!

"Oh my! Oppa is so hot!!!!!! Oppa please copulate with me!!!!!! OPPA!!!!!! Wait.... Oppa... YOU'RE 15?! HELL NO! GOODBYE! SCREW THIS!" "Oh... another oppa.... He looks young.... I need to make sure he's legal before I stan him.... He doesn't look like he's of legal age though.... hmmmmmm.. WHAT?!!!! HE IS

Meeting the letters of the K-Pop alphabet!

K-Pop is comparable to a jungle. It is home to different species with different names. There are LOTS of different stage names that K-Pop idols have been using. It may be as simple as their actual birth names, or it may be as unique as names such as "Rap Monster"

#7YearsWithInfinite and Their 7 Best B-sides

Infinite are well-known for their powerful title tracks like The Chaser, Be Mine, and most recently, The Eye. However, over their 7 year career and through their broad discography, they have explored many different genres and styles in unpromoted tracks which non-fans are generally unaware of. So, as Infinite greet their

Album Review: Infinite’s Infinite Only

Release Date : September 19, 2016 Tracklist : 1. Eternity 2. 태풍 (The Eye) 3. AIR 4. One Day 5. True Love 6. 고마워 7. Zero Total Runtime: 00 : 24 : 51 Recommended for: Those who like an album with both fast and slow numbers NOT recommended for: People who are predominately hip-hop or R’n’B goers. 6457

Album Review: Nam Woohyun’s Write..

Release Date : May 9, 2016 Tracklist : 1. Write.. 2. 끄 덕끄 덕 (Still I Remember) 3.그 사 람 (Passerby) 4.향 기 (Nostalgia) 5.‎Gravity 6. Stand By Me Total Runtime: 00 : 21: 10 Recommended for: Woohyun stans and those who appreciate ballads. NOT recommended for: Those who may find slow and mellow tracks to be boring. Nam Woohyun wows

Big in Japan

Artists everywhere are always looking for ways to increase their revenue streams and in places with increasingly crowded music markets, this is especially important. A simple (in theory) way to do so is to increase your audience. Of course, without being able to create new human beings at will, you