Movie Review: One Way Trip

The transition between childhood to the adult life can sometimes be quite jarring, a lesson four young men are unceremoniously forced to learn in the Korean film One Way Trip. These friends will eventually come to understand that the decisions made solely for survival may sometimes be the hardest to live with in

Drama Recap: Page Turner Episode 2

In episode 2 of Page Turner all three of our leads must face the new futures they have been rather hurriedly thrown into. Yoo Seul must decide to seek help from the lesser of two evils in either her longtime rival or the rowdy stranger she recently met. We see a

Drama Recap: Page Turner Episode 1

Introducing a new Korean drama expected to run from late March to early April: Page Turner. This drama features Kim So Hyun as a piano prodigy who is number one in her performing arts school. She's in a fierce competition with her rival in music until a fateful moment changes everything