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“There is a saying that “time is medicine,” yes... But, hm... I don’t entirely agree with the idea that time is medicine. Still, if time passes.. rather than saying time is medicine, I think time just covers things up. I don’t think it heals you, and if you want to heal

Album Review: Block B – Re:Montage

Release Date: January 8, 2018 Tracklist:  떠나지마요 (Don’t Leave) 마지막 정류장 (The Last Stop) [Jaehyo Solo] Everythin' (U-Kwon Solo) My Zone Shall We Dance 일방적이야 (One Way) 이렇게 (Like This) Give & Take (B-Bomb Solo) Total Runtime: 0:27:47 Recommended for: Hardcore BBCs, those looking for something more chill than Montage. NOT recommended for: People who dislike

Album Review: Seventeen – Love & Letter

Release Date: 2016.04.25 Tracklist: 1.  엄지척 / Thumbs Up 2. 예쁘다 / Pretty U 3. 이놈의 인기 / Still Lonely 4. 유행가 / Popular Song 5. Say Yes 6. 떠내려가 / Swept Away 7. 아낀다 / Adore U (Vocal Team Version) 8. 만.세 / Mansae (Hiphop Team Version) 9. Shining Diamond (Performance Team Version) 10. Love Letter Total Runtime: 00:33:03 Recommended for: Pop music fans who can appreciate some tasteful rapping NOT recommended for: Heavy metal