Album Review: Mamamoo – Yellow Flower

Release Date: March 7th, 2018 Tracklist: 'From Winter to Spring (Intro)' 'Star, Wind, Flower, Sun' 'Starry Night' 'Be Calm (Hwasa Solo)' 'Rude Boy' 'Spring Fever' 'Paint Me' Total Runtime: 00:21:47 Recommended for: EDM lovers; people who like stripped down ballads; anyone who is ready to appreciate a vocally-driven album NOT Recommended for: people who

Saph’s Top 25 Bops of 2017

This year in K-Pop has been a rollercoaster. Between amazing comebacks and a devastating death; it's been hard to pull together how to feel. So, to brighten myself up, I decided to pull together some of my favourite songs of the year. I will add, I'm not a music expert

Show Review : Idol Drama Operation Team

Warning: Spoilers This variety show/drama is one of the latest KBS original productions. It started airing June 26th, releasing episodes for eight days straight. The show centers around seven girl group members who will write and act their own self-produced drama. The seven members of the cast are also in the