OH! Event: Fandom Wars

Just like that, we’ve been forcefully greeted by the eleventh month of the year.  One more month and our 365 day journey with 2017, comes to an end.  Countless changes have taken course over this duration, for better or for worse.  OneHallyu has also seen some drastic changes today in

OHvision Song Contest 2017: Grande Finale (Non-European)

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Previously, we’ve gone through the 11 incredible European contestants of the OHvision Song Contest 2017. But there are also gems aplenty in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Oceania. Now, let’s take a look at the rest of the no less incredible 9 OHvision hopefuls from beyond Europe. Here are

OHvision Song Contest 2017: Grande Finale (European)

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An impressive turnout of 44 artists represented their countries, battling it out in the OHvision Song Contest 2017. 20 of them slipped past the initial semi-final eliminations. But now, only 1 of the most outstanding artists stand a chance to win. Sit back and relax as Sansa, Wasta, Sakura, Sapphic,

Introducing: OH Blog Tips

Hello from OneHallyu's Press Team! This year, we want to be more interactive with the users of this forum, and see what you all want on the blog. Thus we have decided to open up OH Blog Tips Forms. "Tips" are the equivalent of ideas/suggestions. We want to write about what

Welcome to OH! Blog

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Welcome to OH! Blog! It's been about a month since our press team and staff have prepared heavily for this blog, and we are super ecstatic about releasing this blog. Through this blog we hope to inform our readers about the various sections of Asian Entertainment through our many pieces