K-Pop idols that are surprisingly of the same age!

"Oh my! Oppa is so hot!!!!!! Oppa please copulate with me!!!!!! OPPA!!!!!! Wait.... Oppa... YOU'RE 15?! HELL NO! GOODBYE! SCREW THIS!" "Oh... another oppa.... He looks young.... I need to make sure he's legal before I stan him.... He doesn't look like he's of legal age though.... hmmmmmm.. WHAT?!!!! HE IS

Album Review: Red Velvet – Russian Roulette

Release Date: 2016.09.7 Tracklist:  러시안 룰렛/Russian Roulette Lucky Girl Bad Dracula Sunny Afternoon Fool Some Love My Dear Total Runtime: 00:24:52 Recommended for: people who enjoy pop and electronic music with a bit of retro sound NOT recommended for: anyone looking for hip hop or ballad tracks 6412