Album Review: PSY – 4×02=8

PSY 4X2=8

Release Date: May 10, 2017 Tracklist: I LUV IT New Face 마지막 장면/LAST SCENE (Feat. 이성경/Lee Sung Kyung) LOVE (Feat. 태양/Taeyang) BOMB (Feat. B.I, BOBBY) We Are Young 팩트폭행/FACT (feat. G-DRAGON) Rock will never die 기댈곳/REFUGE 오토리버스/AUTO REVERSE (Feat. TABLO) Total Runtime: 00:35:31 Recommended for: Anyone curious enough to listen to other aspects of PSY's

Background Vocalist Idols In Your Fave KPOP Songs

Sometimes when we listen to a certain song, we don't immediately recognise a voice singing an ad-lib in the background, or leading the song's chorus. And then we go for days and days, wondering and debating about who it is until someone gets their hands on the physical copy of the album, if