Times the “National Model Group” Proved Their Title True

If you're wondering who the "National Model Group" is then you surely are missing out A LOT. I'm pertaining to no other than the six men of Jellyfish entertainment's first ever idol group, VIXX! Aside from being known as the "Kings of Concepts" with their unique and revolutionary themed comebacks, VIXX actually

K-Pop idols that are surprisingly of the same age!

"Oh my! Oppa is so hot!!!!!! Oppa please copulate with me!!!!!! OPPA!!!!!! Wait.... Oppa... YOU'RE 15?! HELL NO! GOODBYE! SCREW THIS!" "Oh... another oppa.... He looks young.... I need to make sure he's legal before I stan him.... He doesn't look like he's of legal age though.... hmmmmmm.. WHAT?!!!! HE IS

Meeting the letters of the K-Pop alphabet!

K-Pop is comparable to a jungle. It is home to different species with different names. There are LOTS of different stage names that K-Pop idols have been using. It may be as simple as their actual birth names, or it may be as unique as names such as "Rap Monster"

OH! Chart Week #6 Results

Powerful fandoms from some of K-Pop's hottest idol groups showed their strength in week six of OH! Chart. However, established soloists put up a brave fight yet again. Reputation is on the line for the nominees this week. How the OH! Chart system works: The chart is divided into three different categories:

OH! Chart Week #5 Results

Records continued to fall in week 5 of the OH! Chart. From global superstar Ed Sheeran popping up to a new-look top three, the stakes have never been higher. How the OH! Chart system works: The chart is divided into three different categories: Gaon Streaming and Downloads (55%), Hanteo Physical Sales (25%),

Album Review: VIXX’s Hades

Release Date : August 12, 2016 Tracklist : 1. Fantasy 2. Love Me Do 3. Butterfly Effect (나비 효과) 4. Fantasy (Instrumental) Total Runtime: 00 : 14 : 11 Recommended for: Listeners love a good, epic and short boy group album NOT recommended for: People who are not fond of busy and hard-hitting numbers 6216