Album Review: Infinite – Top Seed

Release date: January 8th, 2018 Tracklist: Begin Tell Me Synchronise No More TGIF (Dongwoo Solo) 기도 (메텔의 슬픔) - Pray (Maetel's sorrow) 왜날 (Why Me) 분다 (Wind) I Hate 지난 날 (Reminisce) (L Solo) 고백 (Love Song) (Sungjong Solo) Begin Again Total Runtime: 00:42:47 Recommended for: Infinite fans, people who love electronic sounds, synths and

Album Review: Infinite’s Infinite Only

Release Date : September 19, 2016 Tracklist : 1. Eternity 2. 태풍 (The Eye) 3. AIR 4. One Day 5. True Love 6. 고마워 7. Zero Total Runtime: 00 : 24 : 51 Recommended for: Those who like an album with both fast and slow numbers NOT recommended for: People who are predominately hip-hop or R’n’B goers. 6457

Album Review: Nam Woohyun’s Write..

Release Date : May 9, 2016 Tracklist : 1. Write.. 2. 끄 덕끄 덕 (Still I Remember) 3.그 사 람 (Passerby) 4.향 기 (Nostalgia) 5.‎Gravity 6. Stand By Me Total Runtime: 00 : 21: 10 Recommended for: Woohyun stans and those who appreciate ballads. NOT recommended for: Those who may find slow and mellow tracks to be boring. Nam Woohyun wows