Song Review: Zico – She’s a Baby

Release Date: April 13, 2017 Total Runtime: 0:02:45 Recommended for: Loyal Zico fans, those who love a sweet love song, or someone who wants the perfect song to listen to on a sunny, spring day. NOT Recommended for: Those who prefer Zico for his hip-hop style, or those who are looking for an upbeat banger

Album Review: Zico Gallery

Release Date: 2015.12.07 Tracklist: 1.VENI VIDI VICI (Feat. DJ Wegun) 2. Eureka (Feat. Zion.T) *Title 3. Pride And Prejudice (Feat. SURAN) 4. Boys And Girls (Feat. Babylon) 5. 날 (Feat. JTONG) 6. Yes Or No (Feat. PENOMECO, The Quiett) Total Runtime: 00:20:56 Recommended for: K-Rap/HipHop lovers, BBC’s NOT recommended for: Non-K-Rap lovers 2709

20 Korean Songs For November

November marks the beginning of the holiday season for most, but we're not quite to the Christmas jingles (thank goodness)! The month was packed full of song releases, so it was hard to choose. The following twenty songs are in no particular order, but I feel like they should all

20 Korean Songs For August

So August has been and gone and a number of you are facing down your returns to varying levels of school after the summer. Let's take a moment to recognise some of the unmissable Korean tracks released in August! As usual, I couldn't even fit all my faves in, so if

Show Me The Money 4: Crash Course

For those that aren't already watching, Show Me The Money is a rap competition show that airs on Mnet. In the same fashion as one of the hottest music competition shows on television, The Voice, the contestants are put into teams, lead by some of the hottest stars in the Korean