Three music videos to give you legit creeps this Halloween season!

We may always see a list of “creepy K-pop music videos” or “scary music videos” floating around the net. Though they are indeed fit for the season of Halloween, do they really give us the spook we all came for? As for my own opinion, there have been literally only three music videos to ever give me the real creeps. Though they are music videos meant to promote the groups’ music that need to have limitations of their artistry, these three music videos managed to tickle my horror-movie fanatic bone. Without further ado, let’s see the three music videos to give you nightmares on October 31st!

Sunny Hill – Midnight Circus

A K-pop 2nd generation girl group, Sunny Hill, managed to make it to my list. The girls had been running for a long time and even though their co 2007 debutants KARA and Wonder Girls already bid goodbye, Sunny Hill is still keeping their musical road intact. The MV to give me goosebumps is Midnight Circus. When it came out first, it was buzzed all around different platforms for its unique and unconventional plotline. The MV features the girls as circus acts doing crazy stuff.


VIXX- Voodoo Doll

Admit it or not, the eerie-est K-Pop music video you may ever think of has always and will always be VIXX’ Voodoo Doll. VIXX, also known as the K-pop concept idols, blessed the music scene with their unique and revolutionary concepts. They went from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, to vampires, and in the mentioned music video, Voodoo Dolls. The six boys gets controlled and manipulated by a sadistic mad woman through a voodoo doll. However, thanks to this song, VIXX was able to rise to the top and give them their first ever music show win! The video was too inappropriate that it has been rated 19 and even got a “Clean” version uploaded.


Sunny Hill – Pray

There are only three songs on this list and surprisingly, Sunny Hill appeared twice. Sunny Hill is a group that I may consider a female VIXX (during their earlier eras) or maybe a much more like concept-dols than them. I noticed that Sunny Hill is very focused in delivering unique but symbolic concepts that if you try to dig further inside will lie a deeper meaning than you can imagine. Not only their MV for Pray was creepy, but it also is very emotional and sad. If you cry easily, it can make you tear up…. but still get creeped out by that unusual being.


There aren’t a lot but at least three managed to do it for me. The above MV’s gave me the legit eerie vibe in certain parts of the video. Do you have other MV’s that gave you actual creeps? Don’t forget to drop them below and happy Halloween y’all!!!

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