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Let’s go back in time and remember 5566, one of the Taiwanese boybands that had their moment in the sun in the early 2000s. Tony Sun, Rio Peng, Jason Hsu, Zax Wang, and Sam Wang… I know there has to be that one 5566 fan out there who still remembers watching My MVP Valentine, with the boys in their heyday.

My MVP Valentine

This drama was everything back in the day. My MVP Valentine was loosely based on the Japanese manga Slam Dunk, and starred all the 5566 members, Angela Chang, as well as legitimate real life Taiwanese basketball star Johnny Yen. The latter actually had a chronic knee injury at the time, so he turned to acting for a while. But never mind about that, he’s fine now as far as I know.

The premise of the series is simple, but let’s refresh our memories. Duan Chen Feng (Johnny Yen) accidentally hits his arch nemesis Iceman’s (David Chen) sister Angel (Lin Li-Wen), leaving her paralysed. Out of guilt, he quits the basketball team and school to take care of her, and later Angel falls in love with him. But this means that Chen Feng has to set aside a heartbroken girlfriend, Xiao Xi. Naturally, it gets even more complicated when 5566 Tony Sun’s Prince (or Taizi) falls for Xiao Xi. Lucky, lucky girl.

It doesn’t sound revolutionary now, but My MVP Valentine was so popular because everybody tuned in every week to find out who ended up with whom, and wished they could be in Angela Chang’s place. The story held a certain charm that entranced thousands (probably millions) in Asia, and kept us coming back for more. Plus it helped that most of them were good-looking, likeable and their basketball jerseys showed off their guns.

Now, the memory holds a special place in my heart because it reminds me of a simpler time when I would look forward to a new episode after finishing my school homework every week. I know I definitely wasn’t the only one.


Aside from their history as actors, 5566 was ultimately a Taiwanese boyband, so they did release albums as well. But I do have to admit that the OSTs from My MVP Valentine remain my favourites among their musical repertoire. Their song 我難過 (I’m Sad) still leaves a pang in my heart after all these years. I doubt it will ever get old.

Of course my Tony Sun loving heart rooted for Xiao Xi to pick Prince over Chen Feng, even though Chen Feng was extremely good-looking. You ought to watch the drama yourself to find out whom she chooses to be with in the end if you haven’t seen it yet.

5566 also had an English song Boyfriend, which was honestly basically a Rio Peng solo, featuring the rest of the group. Pronunciation aside, sappy songs like this are always such a guilty pleasure.

Any other closet 5566 fans out there? Share with us your favourite 5566 song, a member you didn’t really care for, or if you preferred their other drama, Westside Story, over My MVP Valentine. I won’t be mad if you never liked Tony Sun, I promise. I’d be more than happy to reminisce with you.

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