Times the “National Model Group” Proved Their Title True

If you’re wondering who the “National Model Group” is then you surely are missing out A LOT. I’m pertaining to no other than the six men of Jellyfish entertainment’s first ever idol group, VIXX! Aside from being known as the “Kings of Concepts” with their unique and revolutionary themed comebacks, VIXX actually are popular for their perfect proportions and tall height. VIXX only boasts an average height of 181.6 centimeters that are relatively high in the k-pop industry. Their tallest member is Hyuk with 184 cm followed by Leo and Ravi with 183 cm and lastly Ken, Hongbin, and N with 180 cm respectively. Let’s take a look at the times VIXX were models of accessories, clothing brands & tourist spots!

Jowissa Watches (2013)

In 2013, the Swiss Watch brand “Jowissa” chose VIXX to model their new special collection along with VIXX’s comeback, Hyde. For the endorsement, Jowissa released a special VIXX collection that has a design for each member.


STAFF Clothing (2013)

Along with VIXX’s rising success in 2014 after scoring their first win with “Voodoo Doll,” they scored their second endorsement with the SPA brand, “Staff.” Along with the promotions for the product, VIXX also had magazine photoshoots for the said brand.

Feltics (2015)

In 2015, “street casual” clothing brand Feltics chose VIXX to be their new models. Feltics focuses mainly on apparel that are for cold temperatures which are very vital in South Korea.

PONY Apparel (2016)

The next year, 2016, VIXX signed a contract with American sports classic brand “Pony”. Aside from their outstanding physicals, Pony also chose VIXX for their excellence in the field of sports, just like what Pony is for.

Pony also released a summer collection for water sports that featured VIXX as your hot surfing and beach companions!


Jambangee Jeans (2016)

In the same year, VIXX also signed a contract with denim brand, Jambangee Jeans. They featured in the brand pictorial with co-Jellyfish entertainment artist, Gugudan’s Nayoung. In their latest collection, Jambangee features VIXX in their hotter and sexier side.

Busan Lotte Hotel & Resorts (2016)

Ending the year, they were chosen to be the new ambassadors of Busan Lotte Hotel & Resorts. This is the first time VIXX has ever endorsed for an establishment after a series of clothing brands.


California Beach (2017)

Now in 2017, VIXX are chosen to be the new models of Gyeongju World’s water park, California Beach. It is notable that Gyeongju World (California Beach) and Lotte World (Lotte Hotels) are competitors however VIXX managed to indirectly promote the two parties at the same time.

As California Beach is a water park, the boys stunned in their swimming outfits and also featured some members shirtless! Although the photoshop seemed to hate the boys, their visuals and unmatched aura still prevailed!

IVY Club (2017)

Also in 2017, VIXX signed a contract with the school uniform brand IVY Club. They are yet to release VIXX’ pictures modeling the brand, however we got this event poster posted by IVY Club in their official Instagram account.

Which of VIXX’ endorsed brands is your favorite? What type of brand, accessory, or establishment should VIXX model next? Leave your comments down below!

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  • Ure missing their cf endorsement for 11street but since it doedoesn’t focus on VIXX’s model-like build, it’s okay i guess ^^

    • SLY

      Yes, I left out 11Street and TiO endorsements on purpose! ^^ They were endorsers but as you said, it did not focus on VIXX’ model-like built. 🙂

  • shawnee

    Best article on the blog ever. I really love the jeans endorsement, and Pony. It would be nice if VIXX partnered with a company to put out their own perfume for the fans. I need sexy fragrance ads. Good one Sly~

    • SLY

      Thanks! VIXX never fails to amaze us!!

  • Madalina Cambrea

    Great article.VIXX are just awsome👍👏👏❤

    • SLY

      Thanks! <3 <3

  • Rinne

    Did I just saw Leo smiles?

    • SLY

      Yes. Taekwoon finally defeated Leo. Thank goodness.

  • Leenda Yu

    Yes Its very true that VIXX have all these qualities you mentioned….plus they are handsome and they carry themselves with full of confidence. This is the only K-pop group that is perfect in all aspects…their heights, their built, their beauty and smartness all packed in one…..they are just amazing and awesome guys and I adore them!

    • SLY

      There is one word to describe VIXX. That is PERFECT.

  • Vixx models are my cup of coffee, brands can never go wrong in choosing VIXX. But SLY that profile of yours is one heaven of a cutiee..

    • SLY

      Those brands will never regret choosing VIXX! Thanks too, Jibeom is so handsome!!!

  • L R

    Small thing though.
    Leo has once stated during a twitter mention party that he’s actually 181.5cm and not 183. During the Weekly Idol spin off series (what was it called again? With Hyuk, Sungjae and Jackson) Hakyeon had to admit he’s shorter. Also Hyuk is about 0.5 cm shorter. (small details but … yeah everyone lies about their height in kpop so)

    • SLY

      I used their heights in their official website so… (we all know they lie lmao)

  • Great article, thanks for give VIXX such a fantastic review, they are truly amazing.

    • SLY

      I am one of you! “Diehardstarlight”