Tzuyu vs China? A Controversy

2016. 15 days in and we already started off with a big bang, no pun intended. TWICE’s Tzuyu has been in a swirl of nothing but controversy. From her sexualization in CF’s to simply holding a flag, here’s a quick informal as to what happened.

The Controversy

‘Tzuyu waving a Taiwan Flag’

Tzuyu was on ‘A look at myself’ with Jackson. She identifies herself as Taiwan, and Jackson adds in China-Taiwan. But the MC cut in straight after Jackson said that and Tzuyu did not get a chance to express if she agreed to that.

The Outburst

Huang An took to his Weibo account saying Tzuyu is a Taiwan independent supporter, as she held a Taiwan flag on My Little Television, also she always says she is from Taiwan and when MC/colleagues add in China-Taiwan she doesn’t acknowledge it.

Huang An is from Taiwan but he does not support Taiwan being independent. He’s a singer with 2 million followers on Weibo, he isn’t that influential. It’s just that with the upcoming elections China’s government has come down hard and stated that anyone that supports Taiwan being an independent nation should not be allowed to appear on public media. Which is why when Huang An digs out people, there are a lot of people supporting his views.

She has been trending for 3 days now on Weibo, for those that may not know trending for 3 days on Weibo is almost unheard of as most topics move down quite fast due to new things popping up.

This issue has escalated really quickly in the last 2 days resulting in:

  1. Twice recording for the Beijing Spring Festival Gala will be edited out
  2. Twice was invited to the An Hui Spring Festival Gala, that is now removed
  3. Twice CF deal with LG + Huawei has been terminated
  4. Kuwo music (China’s version of Spotify with over 1 million app downloads) has removed all JYP artist songs and music videos
  5. Kugou music (Same deal as Kuwo) has removed all of Twice songs and music videos
  6. Hunan TV (The channel that a lot of Kpop artists appear on) has voiced they will not be inviting supporters of Taiwan independence to their shows

As a result of this, netizens in China are now voicing for all JYP artists to be banned from China.

Tzuyu’s Apology

The video above posted around 7 hours ago has now garnered over 1 million views, 193,000 dislikes and 11,000 likes.


Hi everyone, I have something to say to everyone.

Hi everyone, I am Chou Tzuyu. Sorry, I should have came out and apologized earlier. Because I didn’t know how to face the current situation, I have been afraid to face everyone directly, so I’m only speaking out now. There is only one China. The two shores are one. I feel proud being a Chinese. I, as a Chinese, have hurt the company and netizens’ emotions due to my words and actions during overseas promotions. I feel very, very sorry and guilty. I have decided to halt all current activities in China in order to reflect seriously. Again, I apologize to everyone. Sorry.

JYP’s Statement On Weibo In Regards To The Tzuyu Situation


“Recently, there have been various malicious rumors circulating on the internet concerning one of our artists, Chou Tzuyu. With regard to this, we are deeply regretful.
JYPE is an multi-cultural company. We have always tried to encourage and further Sino-Korea cross-cultural interaction. Our company (including Tzuyu) have never engaged in political debate and have never taken a stance regarding Chinese territorial issues.
Furthermore, Tzuyu, the victim of these malicious rumors, is merely a 16 year old girl. She has yet to form a solid political opinion regarding Chinese territorial issues, given her age and lack of experience.
Because of the above-mentioned malicious rumors, JYPE’s everyday operations in China have been negatively affected. The longstanding cordial relationship that we have had with China has been greatly inconvenienced.
To remedy this situation, our company has decided to temporarily withdraw Tzuyu from all China-related promotional activities, until the truth regarding this matter is finally revealed.”

Huang An Once Again Talking About Tzuyu

My Opinion:

I personally believe that this is nothing short of outrageous, and to be completely honest Huang An is the epitome of an outrageous, absurd hypocrite.

The fact that she has to apologize to these people for holding a flag, a flag of where she’s from is HUMILIATING in itself, and “controversies” like this should never, ever be considered anything but a joke. JYP should let this blow over but judging by how things are at the moment..I highly doubt that.

I sincerely hope Tzuyu finds courage and wholeheartedly strength in all of this madness.

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  • Hkk1

    Your ignorance is astounding and you clearly have no understanding of the sensitivity around China-Taiwan. I won’t bother trying to educate you on that but she is made to apologize cause her firm still wants to make money in China, period. Her fans are her customers and they have requested for her to not perform in China, unless she apologize. It’s her decision and since she made it on a economic level stop trying to portray this as a story of cyber bullying.

    • SV112

      All she did was wave a flag around. She never said she was pro-independence. She’s 16, I doubt she has any real political views at her age. The fact that you people are forcing her to apologize for things she didn’t do shows just how ignorant you people are. I could care less about the China-Taiwan controversy because I’m not from the region. However, what I can say is that attacking someone for supposedly possessing views they actually never admitted to having is downright insane and is just showcasing how brainwashed you people are to the world. You don’t need years of studying the issue to recognize when one group has literally lost its mind for no reason whatsoever. If the real issue of China-Taiwan is so fucking important to you then debate it somewhere else, but don’t involve an innocent teenage girl who didn’t even share her political views in the first place. And lastly, if you don’t want to see her perform, don’t fucking come to her shows then, idiot.

    • anon

      She’s Taiwanese and holds a Taiwanese flag.
      The C-netz insane asylum being hypersensitive doesn’t justify the subsequent witch hunt.

      They have the right to be as brutal as they want.
      That doesn’t mean they should.
      Likewise, the everyone in the world has the right to judge China for it’s oppressiveness.

      China has lost what little goodwill it had and the burden of proof is now against them.

    • Holke

      I don’t think that the writer’s opinion shows /overwhelming/ ignorance. I don’t think it’s abnormal for most people to see the cyber uproar as unfair, especially because of the fact that the target is a teenager. Underlying political issues or not, this has to do with someone who may not (I say may because I don’t know the girl personally and have no insight to her maturity level) have any political stance, regardless of where she’s from.

    • Vic yern

      Hkk1. You must have just been reading Your Communist Party News Release. Stop being an axxxxxe and admit to the fact that Chinese netizens (paid for) bullied a 16 year old girl.