Variety Wrap-up: Immortal Songs 2 Episode 244

Some of the best veteran actors and musical stars put out inspiring performances in Immortal Songs 2’s Spring Special.

Episode 244 features Im Chae Moo, Park Jun Keum, Park Jun Gyu, Kim Seung Woo, Lee Ah Hyun and Kim Ji Woo.

In a battle of effortless charisma and impressive vocal abilities, who will be this week’s ‘Spring Sensation’?

Review: Performance by performance

First performer: Park Jun Gyu

Veteran actor Park Jun Gyu and his musical actor son, Jong Chan team up to perform a cover of Kang San Ee’s You Can Do It. A sorrowful piano compliments Jong Chan’s rich tone to kick-start the duet. The spotlight shines on Jong Chan as he impresses with his low notes, before his dad strolls onto the stage. Jun Gyu has a senior citizen vibe to him and he sure sounds like one who loves his karaoke. The father and son shake hands and share a hug. Jong Chan and Jun Gyu continue to harmonise and sing together, with Jong Chan’s powerful vocals overshadowing his father. Jun Gyu delivers the bridge before Jong Chan mesmerizes with his resonance. A choir joins them along with a gallery of their lovely photos being shown in the background. The father and son make a graceful finish to an inspiring performance.

Second: Lee Ah Hyun

Former idol trainee and vocal major, actress Lee Ah Hyun takes the stage with a rendition of Nami’s Sad Fate from 1994. Ah Hyun stands in the centre stage, wow-ing the audience with her dazzling dress. The song begins with a beautiful harmony formed by a piano and a string orchestra. Ah Hyun’s womanly tone gives off a warm feeling in the first verse. Leading into the chorus, she belts out a high note to amp up the emotions. Just after the second verse, she suddenly transitions into her falsetto/head voice register to incorporate a snippet of Pavarotti’s Una Furtiva Lagrima. Her confidence in this register can be heard as she strongly executes the notes. In the ending chorus, she uses a slightly throaty approach to end her lines along with more pleasant transitions into falsetto. She finishes the song with a lovely decrescendo on her final note.

Third: Im Chae Moo

44-year veteran actor and singer Im Chae Woo covers Ha Soo Young’s A Song For My Wife. Chae Woo croons with his low notes at the beginning. He flatters the audience’s ears in a sentimental chorus. In the second verse, he confesses his love for his wife. A lovely instrumental break plays as he lets the audience’s appreciation sink in. A photo of his and his wife hands are shown, as well as their wedding rings. He finishes the song with his  utmost sincerity as tears form in his eyes.

Fourth: Park Jun Keum

Park Jun Keum ditches her rich mother image to transform into a diva to sing her version of Im Jae Bum’s After The Night. Musical actress Bae Da Hae joins Jun Keum on stage. Lights switch off and the two ladies are standing back to back wearing glittery outfits. Jun Keum’s refreshing tone begins the song. Da Hae uses her falsetto to exchange lines with Jun Keum. It sounds like a ballad at first until the brass section turns the song into a jazzy number. They even have back-up dancers grooving with them. As the two ladies sing together, Da Hae sings on top of Jun Keum with a high note. After a dance break, it’s Da Hae’s turn to sing and she sounds like an idol. Jun Keum ups the anti on her karaoke skills as she sustains a long note. The song reaches its climax where Da Hae screeches out a few high notes. The girls finish the song with a fist pump.

Fifth: Kim Ji Woo

Another actress who has ventured into musicals is Kim Ji Woo. Ji Woo brought her Gone Into The Wind co-stars, Wong Gun and Jin Young, to perform The Weather Girls’ hit track, It’s Raining Men. Draped in hooded raincoats in the dark, the trio create a mysterious aura to their stage. Ji Woo takes off her hood and starts singing with a sultry tone. Jin Young and Wong Gun exchange their first lines before Ji Woo joins in to harmonise with them. Jin Young belts out a high note as they take off their raincoats to show off their glamorous dresses. Ji Woo’s strong mid-register, Wong Gun’s sassy grunt and Jin Young’s belts all blend well together. The beat drops in the bridge as Ji Woo uses her sexy low notes to slow the tempo. Walking in a circle, the girls form a dark harmony. They take turns to belt out high notes to finish off with a bam.

Final: Kim Seung Woo

Versatile actor Kim Seung Woo combines Youth by Sanullim and Don’t Worry, My Dear by Jeon In Kwon in his first appearance on IS2. Youth is a song about feeling remorseful as youth flies by while Don’t Worry, My Dear is a rock ballad. Seung Woo brought along a posse that includes actor Choi Ho Joong and actresses Yoon Da Young and Lee Seung Yeon. The stage is set like a musical, as Seung Woo sits down with a bottle of soju. “I’ve had a rough day today,” he says. Ho Joong acts like a waiter and wonders what’s wrong. The ladies act as Seung Woo’s employees and they join him. Seung Woo ‘lost’ his job and gave up on his youth. He stands up and starts to sing. He has a manly tone that is rather charming. The trumpets in the background make the song sound like an old-folk song. Suddenly his guests reappear and there’s a switch to song no.2. Ho Joong starts to sing and his vocals sound much better. The ladies join in to continue their bid to inspire Seung Woo. The quartet sings together to form an uplifting vibe for the audience to sing along. A choir enters the stage to make the stage more exciting. The song ends with a big harmony full of long notes.

Final Result:
Kim Seung Woo takes the trophy with a score of 419 over Kim Ji Woo and her friends.

1. Kim Seung Woo
2. Kim Ji Woo
3. Park Jun Keum
4. Im Chae Woo
5. Park Jun Gyu
6. Lee Ah Hyun

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