Variety Wrap-up: Immortal Songs 2 Episode 245

Mesmerizing ballads and funky bops are on the agenda in episode 245 of Immortal Songs 2.

This episode is the Ha Kwang Hoon special, who composes “songs that make you feel the power of memories.”

Battling it out for the trophy are M.I.B’s Kangnam, B1A4’s Sandeul, Jung Dong Ha, Park Sang Min, Im Jung Hwi, Lazy Bone and Hong Ji Min.

Performance by performance Recap:

First performer: B1A4’s Sandeul


One of Immortal Songs 2’s seasoned idol vocalists, Sandeul, returns with a cover of Kim Jung Eun’s Lovers in Paris. At the start, Sandeul’s tender vocals are accompanied by a soft piano. He creates a lonely, heartbroken atmosphere. In the chorus, he effortlessly resonates his lines and maintaining his emotions. An electric guitar is introduced, as the song changes into an upbeat rock number. He jumps around the stage and transforms into a rocker. His vocals become rougher to adapt to the change. At the end, he kills a series of lower belts to the audience’s delight.

Second: Jung Dong Ha

Veteran rock singer Jung Dong Ha covers Swamp by Jo Kwan Woo, a ballad released in 1994. Dong Ha sits on a chair while his guitarist plays a chilling tune. Dong Ha makes a suave start by using a sultry tone. Like a possessed man, he feels the music while in complete control of his vocals. In the chorus, he continues to play with dynamics, which compels you to keep on listening for more. After a short pause, he does a few powerful adlibs that leaves Sandeul in amazement. He then quickens the pace and stands up to show off his rock roots. That is, belting high notes and transitioning into head voice like a walk in a park. He goes for broke on his last sustained screechy high note to finish the performance.

Third: Park Sang Min

The last time Park Sang Min appeared on Immortal Songs 2, he came as a legend. Sandeul, his opponent in episode 245, actually sang his song during his episode. He covers Kim Bum Soo’s Promise, in a bid to knockout Sandeul. In the beginning, he adopts a throaty approach to bring out his desperation. The string instruments and piano make the song sound dark and sentimental. An electric guitar enters the second verse, as Sang Min sustains a high note. Following an emotional chorus, he belts his vocal chords out. He goes for a few killer adlibs during the last chorus to end the performance.

Fourth: M.I.B’s Kangnam

Kangnam has garnered plenty of love on variety shows and some may forget or be unaware of his position in M.I.B – the main vocalist. He makes a comeback on IS2 with a rendition of Byeon Jin Seob’s Being Alone. In the first verse, a simple acoustic guitar tune accompanies Kangnam’s laid-back vocals. His cover is similar to an old folk song until a rapper hops onto the stage. The rap is pretty cool but it felt out of place as Kangnam returns to his original style after it. Kangnam belts out a few painful high notes in the second chorus. His vocals are more pleasant when he doesn’t try to belt, like in the bridge where he does his adlibs in falsetto. He screams like a rocker to finish off his cover.

Fifth: Im Jung Hwi

Talented singer Im Jung Hwi graces the stage with a cover of Kim Min Woo’s ballad track, It Was Just In Love. Her beautiful, womanly tone captures the audiences’ hearts in the first verse. She adds a breathy touch and nice dynamics in the chorus, where she chimes in a strong sustained note at the end. After a nostalgic instrumental break, she sings a second verse full of high notes. She goes for the all-kill in the ending chorus, belting her heart out at every opportunity. Dropping the intensity down, she makes a clean and soft conclusion to her cover.

Sixth: Lazy Bone

Veteran indie group Lazy Bone tackles Kim Min Woo’s Friends Like The Rest in the second to last performance of episode 255. From the get go, the quartet transform into a reggae band. There’s a Jamaican-like refreshing vibe to their stage. The main vocalist works the crowd as if it’s a walk in a park. The friendship theme is executed well in the chorus as the members interact with each other. In the second verse, another member sings along to group harmonies. Suddenly, the main vocalist screams out his own message to all his friends out there: asking them to never leave and walk together forever. Quickening the tempo, Lazy Bone changes the song to a concert-worthy rock number. The audience keep on jumping off their seats even after the band stops singing. Loose vocals aside, this was the most entertaining performance of the episode.

Seventh: Hong Ji Min

Actress-singer Hong Ji Min closes the show with a stunning performance of Byeon Jin Seob’s To You Again. A vintage tune played by a Melodica kicks off the song. Ji Min sings in her comfortable low register in the first verse. She shows off her vocal prowess in the chorus, exuding a strong aura. About mid-way into the performance Ji Min’s eyes begin to water as she turns up the emotions through her resonance. She truly gives it her all in a jaw-dropping ending chorus. It was a big ballad with the usual slow progression to an epic climax. Nevertheless, Ji Min showed her experience and did a great job.


Lazy Bone score their first Immortal Songs 2 trophy over Hong Ji Min.

1. Lazy Bone
2. Hong Ji Min
3. Im Jung Hwi
4. Sandeul
5. Kangnam
6. Park Sang Min
7. Jung Dong Ha

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  • exdo

    I like those IS2 reviews ! I’m glad Jung Dongha and Sandeul are brough to light. One thing is Jung Dongha was transitionning into head voice and not falsetto ~