Variety Wrap-up: Immortal Songs 2 Episode 246

Some of Korean music’s experienced acts and Immortal Songs 2’s goddesses put on touching performances in episode 246.

This episode is dedicated to Park In Hee – a singer-songwriter who debuted in the first folk music duo, Toi Et Moi.

Park In Hee is the romantic queen of folk music, who’s known for her sentimental melodies and beautiful lyrics.

Episode 246 features covers by V.O.S, Son Seung Yeon, Park Ki Young, Kim So Hyun and Son Jun Ho, Lee Se Joon, Nam Kyung Joo and Lee Hyun Woo and Jatanpung.

Performance by Performance Recap:

First: V.O.S



Vocal group V.O.S consisting of Choi Hyun Joon, Park Ji Heon, Kim Kyung Rok stand together on the Immortal Songs 2 stage after a seven year hiatus. The ballad kings performed a passionate cover of Toi Et Moi’s Promise. A classical piano introduction is followed by a group harmony. Ji Heon is the first to sing with his manly, lower-toned voice. Hyun Joon croons about his promise to V.O.S’s fans before Kyung Rok’s gripping vocals end the first verse. The chorus is filled with harmonies that express a sorrowful feel. Hyun Joon and Kyung Rok phrase their lines in their mid range while Ji Heon does adlibs in head voice. There are continuous epic harmonies, highlighted by high notes and synchronization, until the end of the song. Ji Heon finishes with a final, heartfelt promise.

Second: Park Ki Young

Powerful vocalist Park Ki Young takes the stage with a rendition of Park In Hee’s As Time Passes. An electric guitar tune starts off the song. It already feels like a rock ballad. Ki Young ferociously belts out, “Right now!” She tones things down in the first verse, but keeping those belted notes at the end of each line. In the chorus, she effortlessly delivers dark sounding vocal runs with resonance. She keeps on going for those killer runs, which suit the rock ballad style. The bridge is where she softens to a pianissimo, creating a more trembling sound. To wrap up the cover, she throws her arms up and sings another powerful vocal run before sustaining a glorious mid-low range belt.

Third: Nam Kyung Joo and Lee Hyun Woo

Mamma Mia lead actors Nam Kyung Joo and Lee Hyun Woo turns the Immortal Songs 2 auditorium into their own party with a cover of Wanderer. The band plays a saddening rock tune to compliment the two men’s deep voices in the beginning. A momentum swing comes quickly, as the song transforms into a groovy, Jamaican-inspired number. While the harmonies captured a relaxed feel, their voices didn’t blend very well which sounded sloppy at times. Dancers appear on stage as the men ramp up the excitement. After a guitar solo, they take turns to show off their vocal skills. Reuniting to sing a few lines together, the feeling of comradeship is felt as if they were two brothers singing at a karaoke. The song ends with high notes and a classy bow.

Fourth: Kim So Hyun and Son Jun Ho

Married couple Kim So Hyun and Son Jun Ho graces the Immortal Songs 2 stage with a cover of Toi Et Moi’s Between the Missed Ones. A dramatic brass instrumental is played at the beginning. So Hyun’s smooth vocals gain the audience’s full attention. Jun Ho makes a rich entrance to the performance. The couple forms an emotional yet mysterious aura. The harmonies that they create in the chorus are nicely executed, as their voices compliment each other like bread and butter. After an acoustic guitar solo, they walk down their platforms to sing together again. So Hyun harmonises with Jun Ho by using her head voice to allow Jun Ho’s powerful vocals shine. The pair finishes their classical cover by belting out several high notes to leave the audience in awe.

Fifth: Jatanpung

It is folk trio Jatanpung’s third appearance on Immortal Songs 2 and they have chosen to sing Park In Hee’s Spring Comes The Pathway. The men play a fresh melody and repeat ‘spring’ in a group harmony to start their performance. Their pretty voices make everyone sway their heads to the sweet tune. The main vocal gets a few solo lines where his buttery smooth vocals makes the stage even more relaxed. Following the final cruise-y chorus, the trio finish off with a big, ‘spring’ bang.

Sixth: Son Seung Yeon

Immortal Songs 2’s princess Song Seung Yeon returns to her dominating vocal ways after a short fling with rap in episode 246. Her rendition of White Shells kicks off with a haunting feel. She adopts a steely tone as she flawlessly phrases her lines that even include a vocal run. Breezing along like a walking her dog late at night, she gradually builds to sing a powerful high note after the chorus. She continues to display her supreme vocal skill through belts and transitions into head voice. But she controls herself, keeping to the dark feel and not blazing all her guns out at once. She finishes her stylish cover with a shivering last line.

Last: Lee Se Joon


Veteran singer Lee Se Joon sings his version of Park In Hee’s Fire In The Open Air with the company of a Ukulele Children Ensemble. In the first verse, a dreamy sounding piano kicks off the performance. Se Joon starts serenading the audience, making the stage feel all warm and fuzzy. He starts playing his guitar and so do the little ukulele girls. The tempo quickens a bit as they all sing together. The girls’ voices are adorable. Se Joon’s airy vocals sound very peaceful. Towards the end, he uses his falsetto while the girls sing their lines like a unit. He wraps up the episode on a softly sustained note.


Kim So Hyun and Son Jun Ho take the final win, scoring a whopping 417 points.

1. Kim So Hyun and Son Jun Ho
2. Lee Se Joon
3. Song Seung Yeon
4. Jatapung
5. Nam Kyung Joo and Lee Hyun Woo
6. Park Ki Young
7. V.O.S

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