Variety Wrap-up: Immortal Songs 2 Episode 247

Transforming early trot hits into modern performances is the selling point of episode 247 of Immortal Songs 2.

Award-winning songwriter Kim Dong Chan was the legend for episode 247.

Kim Dong Chan was recognised for his love songs and trot musical style during the late 80’s to 2000’s.

The cast included Kim Kyung Ho, Kim Tae Woo, Song So Hee, Yoo Sung Eun, Bae Da Hae, girl group Matilda and Son Jun Ho.

Performance by Performance Recap:

First: Matilda

Freshly debuted girl group Matilda extended the first appearance, first performer trend on Immortal Songs 2. The quartet covered Garden Balsam Feelings by Hyun Cheol. The beginning featured a modern, slow rock beat to DanA and Saebyeol’s delicate vocals. Main vocalist and former Kiss&Cry member Haena formed a harmony with lead vocalist Semmi, who did a nice vocal run. The girls suddenly switched the song into a dance-trot style. They continue to sing like happy country-siders in the chorus. Second verse had everything – cute rap, screechy high notes from Semmi and runs from Haena. After an entertaining dance break, Matilda wraps up their cover by belting out sustained notes at once.

Second: Kim Kyung Ho


Regular guest Kim Kyung Ho returned to the stage to flaunt his rocker flair. As expected, Kyung Ho made Oh Eun Ju’s Sling into his own heavy metal track. The band burst out of the gates as they made a big, hard-hitting entrance. Kyung Ho followed suit with his rough vocals and throaty vibrato. The chorus featured more epic tunes from the band and Kyung Ho screaming “Who is it?” From that point onwards, Kyung Ho showed snippets of the trot style when he delivered his lines. To conclude the cover, he wildly executes an ascending “Wow!”

Third: Yoo Sung Eun

Former Superstar K contestant and Perservere Goo Haera supporting actress, Yoo Sung Eun turned Song Dae Kwan’s Four Beats from trot to a ballad. A melancholic acoustic sound played in the beginning. Sung Eun’s soulful voice captured the audience’s attention. Following a trumpet solo, Sung Eun showed glimpses of her vocal skill through strong low notes and altering between heavy and light tones. As dancers came onto the stage, the song gradually became sexier. In the second chorus, Sung Eun started to belt more. But it was the bridge where she delivered her powerful runs and impressive head voice. She ended the performance on a dark yet emotional note.

Fourth: Kim Tae Woo

G.O.D’s main vocalist Kim Tae Woo always had a consistent winning record for his first battles but he faced a tough ask against Kyung Ho. Tae Woo covered Fire of Love by a blind singer called Lee Yong Bok. The song started off with a jazzy piano instrumental and Tae Woo’s crystal clear tone. Tae Woo resonated out to his ‘love’ in the chorus. After a saxophone solo, Tae Woo continued to serenade the audience with his effortless belts. He changed up the second chorus with more belting and vocal runs. To wrap up the song, he delivered one last big sustained note.

Fifth: Bae Da Hae

Musical actress Bae Da Hae returned to Immortals Songs 2 for her second appearance, after the Actors Special a few weeks back. Da Hae tackled Hyun Cheol’s Label of Love in her first solo stage on the show. The first verse featured a mysterious tune and Da Hae’s mellow vocals. Da Hae’s fast diction followed the trot style of the song. The instrumental continued to be dramatic and intriguing as Da Hae did a tango dance. In the bridge, she went after her high notes but they sounded rather airy. She finished the song with tears brimming in her eyes.

Sixth: Song So Hee

Youthful traditional folk singer, 20-year-old Song So Hee covered Love and Seasons by Jeong Mi So. It was So Hee’s second time performing for Kim Dong Chan, as she sung for him once when she was 10. The song began with an instrumental reminiscent of The Adams’ Family jingle. So Hee gracefully sang like a sweet, spring flower at the start. So Hee even grooved along to the quirky tune. The beat got edgier as the electric guitar was introduced. She floated in her chest voice and it was pleasant to the ears. She continued to belt low-mid notes that sounded comfortable for her. In the end, she sustained a series of long mid-high notes to wrap up a cheerful performance.

Seventh: Son Jun Ho & Kim Sang Jin

Three-time champion Son Jun Ho chased for another trophy in his performance of Nam Jin’s Nest with his regular guest Kim Sang Jin. A vintage rock instrumental started the song. Jun Ho’s masculine low notes blended well with Sang Jin’s airy touch in the first verse. The harmonies were slightly off in the chorus. Sang Jin took the higher belt while Jun Ho sung the lower part. Things became more epic in the bridge as the dramatic belting lifted the song to new heights. They both emphasised their vibrato in the final chorus. Jun Ho and Sang Jin turned it up in the ending part by belting their hearts out.

No one stopped Kim Kyung Ho from claiming episode 247’s crown on a whopping 421 points.

1. Kim Kyung Ho
2. Son Jun Ho
3. Song So Hee
4. Bae Da Hae
5. Kim Tae Woo
6. Yoo Sung Eun
7. Matilda

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