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Welcome to OH! Blog! It’s been about a month since our press team and staff have prepared heavily for this blog, and we are super ecstatic about releasing this blog. Through this blog we hope to inform our readers about the various sections of Asian Entertainment through our many pieces that we will create in the near future along with our regular Artist of the Weeks. Also, we wish to bring more exclusive content to OneHallyu by interviewing musicians with various backgrounds as well as other people in the Asian Entertainment industry and recapping various events such as concerts, music festivals, conventions, and many other events that pertain to Asian entertainment!

Honestly, we really couldn’t create this blog without the users and staff of OneHallyu. With your sheer dedication,  you all have made OneHallyu what it is today, one of the biggest Asian Entertainment websites. We only hope to expand even further and make OneHallyu gain even more recognition! We hope to bring you lots of entertaining news and information through this blog so please anticipate our future work!

Thank you everyone <3


Your Press Coordinator on behalf of OH! Press


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