Where Are They Now?: LC9

Some of you may remember the hype surrounding Nega Network’s new boy group, LC9, back in early 2013 – just shy of their May debut. They were going to be a powerhouse force, comprised of members Rasa, E.DEN, J-HYO, Jun, King, and and AO. Their first mini album, “Skirmish”, had the banger (yes, it was awesome. If you missed it, I feel for you) “MaMa Beat.”

If you didn’t catch MaMa fever, I’ve included the music video. The original MV is just the members beating each other up, so I chose the dance version instead.

They only had one release after “Skirmish”, so I’m wondering..

Where are they now?

Although LC9 wasn’t met with as much praise as they had received before their debut (very common situation), they did score plenty of endorsement deals with clothing brands such as Boy London. Then, a year after their debut, they released the single, “East of Eden.” However, there was an evident lineup change. Rasa went into the army in the beginning of 2014 and E.DEN went back to Canada, officially leaving the group just before the release of their second single. Rasa left with a heartfelt message to Love Beat (LC9 fandom), but his return to the group is unclear, as per usual in the idol world.

“East of Eden” was hinted to be the title track of an upcoming mini album, but that never came to be.

LC9 may still be preparing a triumphant return to the growing KPOP community, but they haven’t performed anywhere since late 2014 and there is little news coming out about these four with the explosion of hot debuts over the past couple of years. There haven’t been any rumors of them returning, but the boys are still active on social media, allowing their fandom to hold onto hope.

Do you think they’ve disbanded? Do you think they’ll come back? Do you have any insider information? Let me know in the comments!

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  • They haven’t disbanded, they’re still practicing together and now there is a new guy with them. Now that Nega Network doesn’t have Brown Eyed Girls anymore, I think they are waiting for Rasa to return from army and give them a comeback (at least I hope so).

    • Holke

      I really hope so. They were awesome ; ~;

      • They were but unfortunately they disbanded??

        • Holke

          I just heard! I’m so sad :/

  • Jieun Lee

    My babies disbanded :<

  • Brittany Stewart

    I hope that they will get back together they were amazing