Why Would You Need Salt When You have Netizens?

What is netizen? Why do people keep on mentioning about them in forums? Do they annoy others? Do others annoy them? HUH?

Alright. This, particular term has been buzzing all over your net for as long as you can remember, a term well known for forum users. Whether if you like it or not, it’s inevitable for us to read comments posted by them on comment sections (of course), spitting out their opinions left and right. It’s interesting, to an extent, bearable by one’s self-made belief known as “My/Your Fav(es) Could Never!



According to Wiki-anyone-can-edit-pedia;

“The term Netizen is a portmanteau of the words Internet and citizen as in “citizen of the net”. It describes a person actively involved in online communities or the Internet in general. The term commonly also implies an interest or engagement in improving the Internet, making it an intellectual and a social resource, or its surrounding political structures, especially in regard to open access, net neutrality and free speech. Netizens are also commonly referred to as cybercitizens, which has similar connotations.”

Okay, let me get this straight. We’re not going to call them cybernetizens. They are commonly referred by us as netizens or netz. Since we are a bunch of cool people, we replaced the letter ‘s’ with the letter ‘z’. NIZE!!! Anyways, I am a citizen of the net. You are a citizen of the net. We ARE netizens. Even your mom is a netizen at some point of her life, maybe as a user in an AARP forum. YIKES!!!


Let us have a quick look on OneHallyu’s Netizen Nation, a sub-forum specifically created for translated comments from Korean netizens/K-netz (now including Chinese netizens/C-netz). Before we go through the trending threads that can be found there, each of the chosen comments from chosen threads will be rated by me using a newly-introduced scale known as the Netizens pH Scale. This scale will provide us with insights that we might overlook while scrolling over some of the comments. A pH of 7 is neutral, a pH less than 7 is salty, and a pH greater than 7 is bitter. Note: the scope is forum-wide, not just exclusively for Netizen Nation.


Netizen pH Scale


The first article that would receive an honor to be used as an example is “[Netizen Buzz] Soyeon spotted on a date with Oh Jong Hyuk, 5 years and going strong”. I will leave my comments on each selected comments from K-netz and rate it from a scale of 1 until 7, and here we go~




Article: Oh Jong Hyuk ♥ Soyeon spotted on a dating… ‘still going strong!’

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

  1. [+2,856, -333] Oh Jong Hyuk and Lee Dong Gun -> ruined their image by getting involved with T-ara

Me: Aren’t you guys the one that wants to ruin their image because of T-ara being there? shrugs

Scale: A pH of 3

  1. [+1,440, -140] Why do Lee Dong Gun and Oh Jong Hyuk have such low standards in women?! Oh Jong Hyuk’s a celebrity who served in the marines and basically earned himself a free hate-free shield for the rest of his career and out of all of the women out there, he chooses to date Soyeon… I like him but being involved with T-ara just demolishes that shield he earned himself

Me: So that’s why you guys have an organization called Man of Korea. You serve in the marines to earn a hate-free shield? Don’t play too much MMORPG’s.

Scale: A pH of 2

  1. [+268, -37] I feel like the T-ara members act completely different in front of men than they do in front of women

Me: Do you want them to sing Salt Free in front of men instead?

Scale: A pH of 4

  1. [+175, -10] Her face changes so often I bet he feels like he’s dating a new woman all the time

Me: This one is really funny, not going to lie. Still, it’s salty.

Scale: A pH of 5

Yes. It’s a given that everything related to T-ara is super salty (and sometimes bitter)


So, have you guys get the gist of it? It’s simple and to keep things more interesting, leave a comment and rate me instead! If you dare! HA!!!

Since this is an introductory article from me, I’ll leave it simple and direct. Expect more from me soon. Thank you for reading and feedback is warmly welcomed.


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27 thoughts on “Why Would You Need Salt When You have Netizens?

  1. I’m so proud of you bae

    *taps butt*

    you added some of your personality into that article, and you’ll get better as you keep writing more notes.


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    1. *taps your butt back*

      Thanks bae, I will keep writing with my own styles and do anticipate my future works. Fancy to see you here and hope we can see more of your flawfree presence here


  2. This was super amusing and sarcastic af. I see your personality/snarkasm shining through. Good job Rinne, keep it up. I was laughing XD

    *taps butt*

    1. I’m glad you enjoy this humble blog post. I can’t help but to let my personality mixing together with my ideas, and as you know *poof* Netizen pH Scale was created

      Thank you for everything and I hope to see more of your feedbacks and comments here

      *taps butt*

  3. This article cracked me up! I love how you managed to explain how netizens work in a fun manner, with your own words and writing style. I’m highly anticipating your next article 😀

    1. Awww thank you for your thorough feedback. I appreciate it with lots of love

      I will write more interesting articles for our beloved readers <3

  4. THE REAL QUESTION IS : AM I SALTY OR BITTER. WE’LL FIND OUT SOON. Rinne congrats, omg i didn’t even know

  5. Good going Rinne, especially since it’s your first ever blog post. Entertaining to read too, your personality reflects in your writing. Keep it up! 😀

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