OH! QUIZ | Which Poh!kémon Starter Suits You Most?

Each incarnation of the Pokémon series gives you, the budding Champion, the chance to pick from Water, Fire, and Grass types. But what if that doesn't happen? Instead, what if a Pokémon game starts with these types: Fighting, Ghost,...

OH! QUIZ | Which Running Man cast member are you?

OH! QUIZ | Which Running Man cast member are you?

Ten years ago, SBS revolutionized the world of variety with the first "urban variety show" in South Korea. With its very unique and interesting format, Running Man easily garnered the attention of everyone — not to mention the show...

UNBOXING | Japan Crate: June 2020

UNBOXING | Japan Crate: June 2020

Japan Crate, founded in 2015, is a subscription box that focuses on various Japanese snacks, sweets, and drinks! The box I'll be reviewing is the premium version, which includes 18-20 snacks, a Japan-exclusive drink and a monthly bonus item...

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