Sakura’s Picks | Summer 2021 Anime Simulcast Watchlist

Sakura’s Picks | Summer 2021 Anime Simulcast Watchlist

We are currently entering the upcoming Summer 2021 simulcast season, so it's about time we talk about all the great series starting and coming up. This is probably the most excited I've ever been for an anime simulcast season as a lot the series I picked up last season didn't seem to do it for me. There are several series coming back for a second season this Summer so don't forget to check those out.  Without...

OH! QUIZ | Which Verivery member is your soulmate?

Ever stared into the night sky thinking about your soulmate who is probably gazing into the same sky thinking into the same thing? What if it's among the seven members of Jellyfish Entertainment's seven-membered boy group Verivery? Well it's...

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