Chart Masters Recruitment

Expired on: Nov 3, 2019

Role Brief

Chart Masters are tasked to maintain Oh! Chart and monitor sales in the Korean music industry. As with other positions on OH! Press, this is purely voluntary. Their primary roles include:

  1. Managing spreadsheets with data mined from Korean music charts
  2. Moderate voting on the site
  3. Publishing monthly updates on both the blog and OneHallyu forum


  • Applicants must demonstrate a good understanding of Gaon Charts.
  • Adequate at Math and numbers.
  • Excel at using Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets.
  • Must be able to meet deadlines.
  • Preferably available from 9 to 10am KST (apply anyway if you aren’t).
  • All staff members are expected to keep up with any group files and/or spreadsheets. Please keep yourself updated!
  • Good communication skills, able to collaborate with others.
  • Flair for writing forum threads and blog posts.
  • GFX and video-editing skills are MAJOR pluses.
  • Abide by OneHallyu rules when engaging with others on both the blog and forum. Existing OH users should preferably have no warning points – those with WPs will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

To Apply

Disclaimer: Please do not submit a personal CV. Fill in the form below and attach it to your application as a document (preferably .pdf or .doc). For phone, please input 000. For ‘Full Name,” you may use a Pseudonym.

OneHallyu Username (if applicable):



How many hours a day/week are you active on OneHallyu (the forum)?:

Are you comfortable with Google Sheet/Calendar?:

Are you familiar with WordPress?:

Any other software/coding experience which would be beneficial to the expansion of OH! Chart? If so, please state what and at which level?:

Any other relevant experience which may help with this role?:

What kind of features would you like to help implement on OH! Chart?:

Why do you want to become a part of the press team?:


Please provide 2-3 links to short writing samples (can be your own original thread on OneHallyu Forum, eg. a game or event that you planned).


Our recruitment process will be in stages. Once initial applications are approved, you may be contacted with further questions to aid in our final decision-making. This is to allow us to determine what experience applicants have and how much guidance is needed. Do not let this deter you from applying.

Job Category: OH! Press
Job Type: Voluntary
Job Location: Online
Sorry! This job has expired.


Writer by day, cat's humble servant by night.

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