About Us

The Team

Established in 2014, OH! Press is run by a collective of passionate volunteers from all over the world. We somehow juggle real-life responsibilities with the blog to provide you with exclusive and original content on Asian entertainment. Our unapologetic writers are fearless scavengers who scour the landscape for drama and destruction. In charge of aesthetics are our graphic designers, comprised of talented visionaries — Min Hee Jin is shaking. And our translators? Clearly the ones on the team with the lion’s share of intellect.

The Many Facets of OH! Press

OH! Press boasts diverse content on Asian Entertainment, with a more focused lens on East Asia.

OH! Press has had the privilege of interviewing a myriad of intellectuals in Asian Entertainment. This includes the likes of LICO (the creators of ‘A Day Before Us’), ARTLOVER, Eyedi, FAKY, as well as THE RAMPAGE and GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE. You can read our interviews on the blog and watch a select few on our youtube channel.

Weebs, you might be looking for our Japanese Entertainment section. Perhaps we could entice you with some Weeb Picture Books? There, our brilliant translators and graphic designers work together to bring you original translations of your favourite unlicensed works. Stick around a little longer and check out the content from the weebs in our roster of writers.

Koreaboos, go forth to the Korean Entertainment section. In this part of OH! Press, you will find bold takes on Korean pop, film, and drama. Chart and sales enthusiasts should check out the only relevant and accurate weekly K-pop chart, OH! Chart. This is a section where Chart Masters closely monitor the top of digital and physical charts in the Korean music industry.

We’ve got a Chinese Entertainment section, if that’s your thing. This is where writers delve into film, drama, and music released in Chinese.

Most recently, OH! Press has expanded into the realm of Gaming. You might find a kindred spirit or two here if you’ve got a certain love for escapism through games. Our reviewers mean serious business and leave no stone unturned.

Keen On Joining The Squad?

Go ahead. We dare you. OH! Press is constantly evolving and growing, so there will definitely be times when we are in need of fresh blood. Don’t worry, we don’t bite (mostly). We also strongly believe in maintaining a safe space for all staff members. Head on over here to find out which vacancies need to be filled!