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Vampire Cleanup Department

Movie Review: Vampire Cleanup Department

Vampire Cleanup Department returns the jiangshi genre, featuring the Chinese hopping vampire, from the days of old Hong Kong horror flicks to the silver screen. Although a little predictable, it’s a lighthearted film with dialogue that's likely to charm...

Kungfu Yoga poster

Movie Review: Kungfu Yoga

Everybody knows Jackie Chan and his distinctive martial arts choreography. His name alone possesses enough weight to carry an entire movie single-handedly - with the right marketing. Hell, the man is probably rich enough to do anything he wants to....

Lion Girls: The messy K-Pop girl group hoax

Lion Girls: The messy K-Pop girl group hoax

Never believe everything you read on the Internet. Especially on Twitter. But then what happens if highly popular K-Pop news sites get caught in the web? That's what happened about a week ago when a group of Twitter users managed to con everybody into believing in the...

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