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Op-Ed: The Great Wall of Hollywood

Op-Ed: The Great Wall of Hollywood

It's been a bit of time since the American release of the joint Chinese-American 2016 film venture The Great Wall. The film was something I followed distantly even in the early stages of production out of a hazy loyalty to...

Drama Recap: Lost Love in Times Episode 21-24

Drama Recap: Lost Love in Times Episode 21-24

Week 6 has rolled along, and the series has introduced many more mysteries.  Our main suitors for the love polygons have respectfully declared their fights.  And Yuan Ling's identity has just become more intriguing.   Episode 21: [gallery columns="2"...

Drama Review: Princess Agents

Drama Review: Princess Agents

Breaking 1 Billion views with a trailer alone, the expectations and anticipation for this drama cannot be rivalled by many. Exceeding 40 billion views throughout its run, the show not only surpassed its record predecessor Three Lives Three Worlds,...

God of War

Movie Review: Gordon Chan’s God of War

Old school martial arts film stars make their silver screen comeback in historical war film God of War. Still, even with a veteran cast as well as a premise that borders on nationalistic, God of War is underperforming in China. The...

Movie Review: The Game Changer

Movie Review: The Game Changer

Peter Huo, Guli Nazha, and Huang Zitao star in the 2017 Chinese gangster film The Game Changer. It's rife with all the usual elements of a piece of cinematography focused on the urban underworld: double-crossing allies, men in fedoras,...

101 Guide:  Becoming a Top Female Star

101 Guide: Becoming a Top Female Star

Whilst the northern half of the planet has gravitated to the inviting warmth of blossoms blooming to welcome the warmer months of spring, I await the days the individual leaves start changing colours.  With each passing season, a large...

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