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Movie Review: Suddenly Seventeen

Suddenly Seventeen reads as the standard light hearted romcom fare, but rewards viewers who stick out the unexplained plot points, and dire lack of healthy romance, with an important message of self help. Chinese Title: 28岁未成年 / 28 (Years Old)...

Vampire Cleanup Department

Movie Review: Vampire Cleanup Department

Vampire Cleanup Department returns the jiangshi genre, featuring the Chinese hopping vampire, from the days of old Hong Kong horror flicks to the silver screen. Although a little predictable, it’s a lighthearted film with dialogue that's likely to charm audiences....

Drama Review: When a Snail Falls in Love

Drama Review: When a Snail Falls in Love

Crime may have no borders, but justice can be found by crossing them. The recent C-drama When a Snail Falls in Love illustrates this in chilling detail in its travel through the sprawling cities of China and jungles of Myanmar....

Kungfu Yoga poster

Movie Review: Kungfu Yoga

Everybody knows Jackie Chan and his distinctive martial arts choreography. His name alone possesses enough weight to carry an entire movie single-handedly - with the right marketing. Hell, the man is probably rich enough to do anything he wants to. Like...

Wasta’s Picks: Best Drama OSTs of 2016

Wasta’s Picks: Best Drama OSTs of 2016

Well, 2017 has finally come. That typically means taking sometime to look back on the year past, the good moments and memorable events. As for me, I'm here to talk about some of my favorite things in Asian entertainment in...

Cook Up A Storm

Movie Review: Raymond Yip’s Cook Up A Storm

Cook Up A Storm is a Lunar New Year comedy, inspired by Nicholas Tse's own TV Show 'Chef Nic'. Released a little late into the season, it features a Chinese-Korean ensemble cast with familiar faces to both fans of Hong Kong film productions...

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