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OH! Press Picks | Favorite K-Pop Concepts

K-Pop, as a genre, is so much more than catchy tunes and weird, flashy clothes. There’s a whole story to be told when a group makes their comeback, and the best way to do this is through concepts. A...

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OH! Press Picks | Favorite Mobile Games

Anybody who has played at least one mobile game should know better than to step on that forbidden soil again. Yet here we are. And these are our favorite mobile games.

OH! Press Picks | The 16 Best K-Pop Songs of 2019

OH! Press Picks | The 16 Best K-Pop Songs of 2019

2019 has been a rollercoaster year for K-pop as a whole. K-pop’s popularity has grown to an all time high with many broken records, amazing collaborations, and overseas activities. K-pop in 2019 featured a lot of nicely, diverse produced...

OH! Press Picks | Favorite Anime Ending Theme Songs

OH! Press Picks | Favorite Anime Ending Theme Songs

Although less popular compared to opening theme songs, Anime ending theme songs are full of hidden gems that many might skip. Just like opening theme songs, ending theme songs are supposed to set you into a mood after an...

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