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Author’s Feature: SatByeol (R&B)

Author’s Feature: SatByeol (R&B)

Hi Guys! I decided to do an Author’s Features! In this segment, I will do short reviews and talk about artists and songs that I enjoy listening to. Since Kpop is already huge among international fans, I wanted to...

Korean Artist of the Week (Sept. 22 – Sept. 28) – SPEED

Korean Artist of the Week (Sept. 22 – Sept. 28) – SPEED

SPEED (스피드) SPEED is an all male idol group under Core Contents Media. The group currently consists of Jungwoo, Taewoon (Leader), Yoohwan, Taeha, Jongkook, Sejoon, and Sungmin. Prior to the creation of SPEED, the members: Taewoon, Sungmin, and Jungwoo...

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