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Purple Kiss at 'Inkigayo' (2022.04.24)

Recap: B-Sides on Public TV Music Shows in 2022 (1H)

This year, South Korea has finally lifted its coronavirus restrictions. Although this may worry Koreans, it also means that audiences can now attend in-person (live) to support performers in various entertainment shows. On music shows, audiences are important because...

Recommendation: N.Flying – ‘Into Bloom’

Spring is here! Recently, I've been adding songs to my playlist that remind me of Spring. So, based on my preferences, I wanted to introduce one and talk generally about its merits. Here, we will talk about Into Bloom...

8 K-Pop Acts Who Returned To Music Shows in 2021

8 K-Pop Acts Who Returned To Music Shows in 2021

Many active performers attend music shows to promote their releases. But in 2021, we were surprised to see eight K-pop acts and groups return to these stages to promote their songs. For at least two years, all acts mentioned...

T-ARA is Back With Re:T-ARA After 4 Years

T-ARA is Back With Re:T-ARA After 4 Years

Following the group's indefinite hiatus in 2017, T-ARA returned with a single album, Re:T-ARA, in 2021. Unlike their predecessors who released digital singles — or, in some cases, a cover album — they announced a comeback without the help...

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