GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, is a J-pop vocal and dance boy group under talent agency LDH . GENERATIONS is part of the collective super group, Exile Tribe and is composed of seven members. The group was formed between 2011-2012 through an...

Tokyo Game Show Interview | Lienzo and Mulaka

Tokyo Game Show Interview | Lienzo and Mulaka

Lienzo, meaning canvas in Spanish, is a video game development studio based in Chihuahua, Mexico. Lienzo was founded back in 2012 and since then, they have been a place where local talent can develop and fulfill their creativity. So...


Tokyo Game Show Interview | Chosuido and Ghostpia

超水道, also known as Chosuido, is a four-member group that develops visual novels. Chosuido is behind many visual novel series such as "Boteneta" and "Sakura Yuna of Kamigyo," which were all released for mobile phones. Every visual novel is...

INTERVIEW | Wake Yourself Up With Marmello!

After debuting with the single "Puppet" back in April of 2017, Marmello has most recently returned with their first mini album - "Wake Me Up". The 4-membered (previously 5) South Korean girl band was able to sit down and...


INTERVIEW | Embark on a Summer Trip with FlowBack

FlowBack is back and better than ever with their latest release, SUMMER TRIP. Comprised of five members, TATSUKI, JUDAI, MASAHARU, MARK, and REIJI, FlowBack is currently signed under Ki/oon Music (Sony). Back in 2013, they got together as an indie...

INTERVIEW | Mix It Up With Eyedi

Eyedi is a young South Korean R&B musician who debuted under Bace Camp Studio in 2016 with the single "Sign". Full of passion for music, she has since released four more singles and her first full album "Mix B"....

INTERVIEW | Know Who You Are With FAKY

INTERVIEW | Know Who You Are With FAKY

FAKY is a Japanese pop-alternative dance and vocal girl group under Avex. The group is comprised of 4 members, Anna, Lil' Fang, Mikako, and Akina. FAKY debuted back in 2013 with their debut song "Better Without You," they have...

Soloist Roundup: Women to Watch Out For

Exploring Korean soloists can be overwhelming for the most obsessed of entertainment fans, given the sheer number of acts out there. Still, the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 gave us an influx of spectacular female artists bursting...

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