INTERVIEW | Mix It Up With Eyedi

Eyedi is a young South Korean R&B musician who debuted under Bace Camp Studio in 2016 with the single "Sign". Full of passion for music, she has since released four more singles and her first full album "Mix B"....

INTERVIEW | Know Who You Are With FAKY

INTERVIEW | Know Who You Are With FAKY

FAKY is a Japanese pop-alternative dance and vocal girl group under Avex. The group is comprised of 4 members, Anna, Lil' Fang, Mikako, and Akina. FAKY debuted back in 2013 with their debut song "Better Without You," they have...

INTERVIEW | Go Wild with the Girls of BananaLemon

INTERVIEW | Go Wild with the Girls of BananaLemon

BananaLemon has been making waves since their debut of their new music video, GIRLS GONE WILD! BananaLemon is a four-member girl group comprised of Saarah, Nadia, Mizuki, and R!NO. The group is produced by STY, one of the biggest music...

INTERVIEW | Break the Mold with WEGIRLS

WEGIRLS is an upcoming Korean girl group under Aftermoon Entertainment. They recently gained attention with their debut album campaign on Makestar, which allowed the group's fans to select the concept for their album as well as their leader and...

INTERVIEW | See the Sunrise with FIVE NEW OLD

INTERVIEW | See the Sunrise with FIVE NEW OLD

FIVE NEW OLD is a Japanese pop-rock band that formed back in 2010 in Kobe. Their sound is colored deeply by R&B, black music, and elements from the 80’s. With a wide range of expressive performance, the lead vocal...


INTERVIEW | Watch Cherry Seeds Bloom into Flowers with CHERRSEE

CHERRSEE is a Japanese pop girl group created by K-Pop producer Brave Brothers. Their name comes from the words "cherry seeds" because the flower they develop into, cherry blossoms, attract people in great numbers. The group is comprised of...

[Interview] Make It Trend With HashTag

[Interview] Make It Trend With HashTag

HashTag (해시태그) is a new rookie girl group from the agency LUK Factory. They were put together and produced by Kan Mi Yeon, a former member of the legendary girl group, Baby V.O.X.  They debuted this past year on October...

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