[Interview] Make It Trend With HashTag

[Interview] Make It Trend With HashTag

HashTag (해시태그) is a new rookie girl group from the agency LUK Factory. They were put together and produced by Kan Mi Yeon, a former member of the legendary girl group, Baby V.O.X.  They debuted this past year on October...


INTERVIEW | Get into the Hip-Hop Groove with Sudannayuzuyully

Sudannayuzuyully is one of LDH's newest units, consisting of YURINO and Suda Anna from Happiness and Takebe Yuzuna from E-girls. Sudannayuzuyully (スダンナユズユリー) is a Japanese dance-pop and hip-hop trio under avex trax. The unit's name is a portmanteau of the girls'...


INTERVIEW | Explore the World of Touhou Project with BUTAOTOME

BUTAOTOME (豚乙女) is a doujin music circle, BUTAOTOME literally translates to Pig Maiden. They first uploaded content on Niconico during 2009 such as covers and Touhou music arrangements and they finally published their first album, Touhou Kaiten Mokuba, in March...


INTERVIEW | Get a Rush of R&B with RIRI

At the age of 4 years old, she was inspired to sing R&B/Soul music, listening to Destiny's Child, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, and Whitney Houston. In 2011 she was chosen as a finalist for Next Generation Star auditions hosted by...


INTERVIEW | Feel the Energy with FlowBack

Comprised of five members, TATSUKI, JUDAI, MASAHARU, MARK(half-Filipino), and REIJI(half-Filipino), FlowBack is currently signed under Ki/oon Music (Sony). Back in 2013, together as an Indie group at the time, they decided to audition. In 2014, the biggest audition of...



Currently produced by STY, one of the biggest music producer responsible for hits from Koda Kumi and J Soul Brothers to Daichi Miura and Fairies, BANANALEMON is the newest artist in the girl group scene. They bring on a...

Interview: EvoL talks about their goals and their music.

Interview: EvoL talks about their goals and their music.

OneHallyu was ecstatic when Stardom Entertainment accepted our request to interview EvoL. EvoL is a five-member South Korean girl group that consists of Say, Jucy, Hayana, Yull, and J-Da. The group is under the label Stardom Entertainment which was...

Interview with Jhameel: “Achieving the Vision”

Interview with Jhameel: “Achieving the Vision”

Known for his many talents, Jhameel is a Korean indie pop musician living in the United States. He writes and produces (with a help of a small team) each and every one of his songs. Prior to becoming a...

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