Sakura’s Picks | Fall 2018 Anime Simulcast Watchlist

We are currently entering the upcoming Fall 2018 simulcast season, so it's about time we talk about all the great series starting and coming up. This is probably the most excited I've ever been for an anime simulcast season...

Free! Dive To The Future swimming anime

FIRST IMPRESSIONS | Free! Dives to The Mostly Unchanged Future

That one swimming anime is back! This time, Kyoto Animation’s fluffy slice-of-life, Free!, sees its oft shirtless male characters diving to the future (not in a sci-fi/comic book way). Some time has passed since aesthetically pleasing protagonists Haruka Nanase and Rin...

espressOH! – Favorite Boku No Hero Academia Characters!

One current hot topic of the town is the animated series adaptation of Kohei Hirokishi's Boku No Hero Academia. It depicts a fictional Japan where the people are able to manifest different super powers and abilities known as "quirks"....

OH! Press Pick: Favorite Anime Opening Theme Songs

OH! Press Pick: Favorite Anime Opening Theme Songs

It is known that an anime’s opening tune contributes greatly to its reputation within the otaku community, but it doesn't end there. Music truly has no borders as it can spread through the internet like fire, not sparing any...

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