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IU at 36th Golden Disc Awards

Summary: Awards Season (2021–22)

The awards season has come to an end! Here we will focus on music achievements and list only the main winners across each relevant category from a possible total of nine award shows. They include: TMA - The Fact...

REVIEW | Sorn Is Not Afraid to Play with Sharp Objects

REVIEW | Sorn Is Not Afraid to Play with Sharp Objects

Sorn has made her western debut with her latest single: “Sharp Objects”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AYjhG20VBs Channeling the energy of the band Cinema Bizarre, Sorn wanders among mannequins in this flashy music video. Would have been better without Michael Bay directing the...

Valentine’s Day: K-pop B-Sides (2021–22)

To celebrate Valentine's Day, I wanted to share songs from a few albums that express the theme of love. They center around two keywords: Affection and Happiness. Together, these aspects of wellbeing provide us with moments of appreciation that...

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