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Backed by Hanteo and Gaon physical & digital sales, and finalised by votes from the users of OneHallyu, OH! Chart boasts the hottest Korean tracks on the rise.

OH! Chart Results: Invincible idols

An established girl group cruised to victory in this week's OH!Chart. With the presence of seven idol groups, the field was dominated by the top groups of the current K-Pop landscape. How the OH!Chart system works: The chart is...

OH! Chart Results: Heat turns up on regulars

A fresh nominee leapfrogged a handful of former winners in this week's OH! Chart. Small margins ensured that consistent performers crumble away from their comfort zones. It was yet another tight contest for bragging rights. How the OH!Chart system...

OH! Chart Results: Broken records and new faces

One idol group put themselves in uncharted territory and withstood eight new nominees. However, chart regulars still managed to feature in the top 14. Who stormed away with a commanding victory this week? How the OH! Chart system works:...

OH! Chart Week #6 Results

Powerful fandoms from some of K-Pop's hottest idol groups showed their strength in week six of OH! Chart. However, established soloists put up a brave fight yet again. Reputation is on the line for the nominees this week. How...

OH! Chart Week #5 Results

Records continued to fall in week 5 of the OH! Chart. From global superstar Ed Sheeran popping up to a new-look top three, the stakes have never been higher. How the OH! Chart system works: The chart is divided...

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