Press Team

Meet The Team

OH! Press is filled with talented volunteers that make the magic happen. We shitpost during the day and fart out translations, graphics, and articles at night.


Brutally honest hyenas ready to step on landmines on a daily basis. Their hobbies include using beehives as piñatas and drinking paint. Rarer than unicorns, they’re an endangered species. 


Perfect beings shaped by God himself and stolen by the big bad Rinne. OH! Press has five collective brain cells and our translators own four of them.


The reliable workers who mysteriously grow ten arms to multitask. On their breaks, you’ll encounter this lovely group huddled in a corner, muttering about grass with unfocused eyes and trying to recover from scanlation PTSD.


The legendary accountants who see numbers in their sleep. They’re the personification of teamwork that makes the dream work. If they don’t update the Chart, it’s because someone pretty said hi to Mog and she accidentally set the spreadsheets on fire.

Interested in joining the team?

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