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Oh! Press Talk: Seeking Western Validation in K-Pop

Every fan wants to know that their favorite group is doing well: that their music is selling, the members have name to face recognition, and their fandom is always growing. And in recent years, this drive has surpassed fandom-centered goals to reach for higher and higher awards and recognition. And ...

9 Korean Songs That Re-Charted on MelOn

9 Korean Songs That Re-Charted on MelOn

From the title, most of you would probably have a few examples on your minds already if you’ve been listening to K-Pop long enough. Some songs have such an incredible hold on Koreans that they keep coming back every single time. Other times, songs that didn’t perform particularly well on digital ...

Opinion: Same name, different jams

Opinion: Same name, different jams

In the rapidly evolving world of music, about a gazillion songs from all types of genres are produced daily. The K-pop discipline is no exception. Plenty of songs out there just so happen to share the same name but that doesn't take away from the creativity or thought that goes ...

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