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Seeking Western Validation in K-Pop: Part II

  Or not. Hope you're having a great April Fools' Day though! You know what the biggest joke of all is? Soobin's "Katchup"  (i.e. the best K-Pop song of the year) has yet to reach a million views. Since you're here, you might as well help remedy that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kBUGGqTTzM Check ...

Album Review: Dal Shabet – Naturalness

Album Review: Dal Shabet – Naturalness

Release Date: 2016.01.05 Tracklist: 1. Stay With You/지긋이 2. Someone Like U/너 같은 3. From Head to Toe/머리부터 발끝까지 (Subin/수빈 Solo) 4. Beautiful Liar/착한 남자 (Feat. SIMS/심스) (Serri/세리 Solo) 5. Dreams Come True (Ah Young/아영 Solo) 6. Love Hurts/사랑한다고 해서 (Woohee/우희 Solo) 7. Someone Like U/너 같은 (Instrumental) Total Runtime: 00:24:14   ...

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