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Yuri!!! On ICE: Episode 1 Review

Yuri!!! On ICE: Episode 2 Review

After a week's wait, I'm back again with my episode two review of the hit anime Yuri!!! On ICE. I'm still feeling pretty good about episode one; I even had a dream about Victor! But before I embarrass myself, let's get down to business! To recap what happened, Yuri Katsuki, ...

Drama Recap: One More Happy Ending Episode 2

Drama Recap: One More Happy Ending Episode 2

Following the shotgun marriage in episode one, a host of flashbacks, a depressing stormy night and glimmers of hope are in store for the One More Happy Ending mob. This episode brings plenty of comedy and uncontrollable moments of laughter. One of the highlights includes the revelation of the characters’ ...

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