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Prison Playbook

DRAMA REVIEW | ‘Prison Playbook’ Is Worth Every Bit Of The Hype

Created by Lee Woo Jung, Prison Playbook is a black comedy available on Netflix that saw fantastic ratings in South Korea, especially for a series aired on cable television (TvN). In fact, its final episode was also the highest rated ever in the series’ entire two-month run. Naturally, I wanted ...

PRESS PLAY! | Upbeat Summertime K-Pop Playlist

PRESS PLAY! | Upbeat Summertime K-Pop Playlist

It's finally time to take out your bikinis from the treasure chests and jump into the vast blue ocean! If my research doesn't fail me, it's officially summer in Korea. Of course, it's the time to have fun with your friends, take a break from the hardships, and enjoy the ...

Summer of 2016 K-Pop Playlist

Summer of 2016 K-Pop Playlist

Compared to 2015, this year’s summer in K-Pop arguably hasn’t been nearly as much of a riot. Charts-wise, some of the hype has been somewhat hampered by the overpowering popularity of Show Me The Money’s releases (even though that has pretty much been the norm since the show's inception). Nevertheless, here ...

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