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Single Review: Gugudan 5959/OGUOGU – ICE CHU

Single Review: Gugudan 5959/OGUOGU – ICE CHU

Release Date: August 10, 2017 Tracklist: ICE CHU ICE CHU (inst.) Total Runtime: 00:06:30 Recommended for: Dear Friend's (Gugudan's fan-club name), lovers of bright, cute and unique concepts. NOT recommended for: anyone who is tired of the aforementioned concept/style. Gugudan 5959 (or Gugudan OGUOGU) is the group's first sub-unit, consisting of maknae line ...

Artist Spotlight: Gugudan (구구단)

Artist Spotlight: Gugudan (구구단)

In 2016, Jellyfish Entertainment debuted their much-anticipated first ever girl group, the once holder for the "Worst Group Name in K-Pop" title, Gugudan. The group consists of 9 members and the group name represents 9 (in Korean - Gu) members with 9 charms (Gu) together (Dan), hence their name is called "Gugudan". ...

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