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OH! Press Picks: Favorite K-pop Music Video Outfits

OH! Press Picks: Favorite K-pop Music Video Outfits

K-pop throughout the years have been known for their captivating choreography and catchiest tunes but something that isn't talked about much is the fashion. When it comes to a group, it's interesting to see how they coordinate a set outfit; whether they use the same color scheme or identical outfits ...

Album Review: Winner – EVERYD4Y

Album Review: Winner – EVERYD4Y

Release Date: April 4th, 2018 Tracklist: Everyday Air 여보세요 (Hello) 손만 잡고 자자 (Turn Off the Light) La La 애 걔 (For) 예뻤더라 (We Were) 사치 (Luxury) Movie Star Special Night Raining Have a Good Day Recommended for: Those who love a good mix of Winner's debut style and their ...

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