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Song Review: Taeil – Likes Me, Likes Me Not (ft. Sejeong)

Song Review: Taeil – Likes Me, Likes Me Not (ft. Sejeong)

Release Date: June 12, 2017 Runtime: 0:03:35 Recommended for: Lovers of light-hearted songs, Park Kyung solo music fans NOT recommended for: Those expecting a ballad with Taeil's power vocals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cej80in1BuQ While many are familiar with Block B’s mega-popular leader Zico’s many solo releases, and rapper Park Kyung’s sweet and romantic songs, little take ...

Album Review: I.O.I – Chrysalis

Album Review: I.O.I – Chrysalis

Release Date: 2016.05.04 Tracklist: I.O.I (Intro) Dream Girls 똑 똑 똑 (Knock Knock Knock) Doo Wap Crush 벚꽃이 지면 (When The Cherry Blossoms Fade) Pick Me Total Runtime: 00:22:00 Recommended for: Ardent Produce 101/I.O.I fans, or fans of upbeat and catchy pop songs NOT recommended for: Fans of high quality ...

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