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Drama Review: Radio Romance

Drama Review: Radio Romance

In the radio, there are no cameras. Rather than focusing on image, the radio highlights something that comes (literally) from inside. Although conditioned by a script, the host voices not only his own emotions but also engages directly with listeners in an honest way. In this type of environment, the ...

O.P.P.A. #6

O.P.P.A. #6

O.P.P.A. #6 What would be the cast of your dream drama? Bonus question: What would the plot be? Rinne Title: Gangnam Basement Squad Cast: Nam Taehyun as Park King Jung Yunho as Damdeok (Gwanggaeto the Great) Lee Minho as Dammang (Damdeok’s elder brother) Jun Hyoseong as Keum Jina Gu Hara ...

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