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How APRIL Hit a Turkey in 2017 K-Pop’s Discography

How APRIL Hit a Turkey in 2017 K-Pop’s Discography

The six beautiful ladies of DSP Entertainment surely are going all out this year! I'm talking about the energetic and youthful girl group, April! After debuting in 2015, April continued to release quality songs complimented by the girls' amazing vocal skills. Experiencing multiple member changes, April never ceased to continue and walk to ...

Album Review: Apink – Pink Up

Album Review: Apink – Pink Up

Release: 2017.06.26 Tracklist: Five Tok Tok  Eyes  Like it Evergreen Always Five (Inst) Total Runtime: 00:23:34 Recommended for: Pink Pandas Not Recommended for: Anti-fans Apink is back with their sixth mini-album "Pink Up". Apink has always wowed their fans with their amazing releases. So how does this album fare? Is ...

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