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Album Review: NCT 127 – ‘Limitless’

Album Review: NCT 127 – ‘Limitless’

SM Entertainment’s newest rookie boy group NCT 127 begin the year with an explosive and hopefully infinitely successful comeback promoting their new title track, ‘Limitless’. Through this comeback NCT express how their talent knows no bounds and cannot be contained or limited to one group or genre. This plays on ...

[HOT DEBUT] Album Review – NCT 127’s 1st Mini

[HOT DEBUT] Album Review – NCT 127’s 1st Mini

Interestingly enough, I'm writing my first article for this blog regarding one of my favourite groups' first mini albums! Hi there, I go by the alias of MinSugasWife, and I'm happy to be a part of the OneHallyu blog. I hope you'll enjoy reading my review of NCT 127's first ...

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