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Purple Kiss at 'Inkigayo' (2022.04.24)

Recap: B-Sides on Public TV Music Shows in 2022 (1H)

This year, South Korea has finally lifted its coronavirus restrictions. Although this may worry Koreans, it also means that audiences can now attend in-person (live) to support performers in various entertainment shows. On music shows, audiences are important because they bring energy to participants by way of cheering. Music shows ...

OH! Press Picks: Best K-pop Songs of 2021

OH! Press Picks: Best K-pop Songs of 2021

2021 has been a less crazy year for K-pop as a whole but rookie groups definitely kept it more interesting.  K-pop in 2021 featured a lot of nicely, diverse produced music and uniquely made ones as well. Many rookies made their mark this year and many amazing comebacks as well. ...

Top Kpop Girl Groups of 2021

Top Kpop Girl Groups of 2021

The list is based on recorded physical sales. It includes sales from Korea, Japan, and overseas. These are the girl groups that made the list of 2021. Groups who did not release anything in the year are not included. The list is unbiased. Enjoy the information and Happy New Year! ...

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