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Single Review: Hyoyeon – Wannabe ft. San E

Single Review: Hyoyeon – Wannabe ft. San E

Release Date: 1 June 2017 Total Runtime: 0:03:06 Recommended For: Loyal SNSD fans, those looking for a fun song to jam out to. NOT Recommended For: Those expecting a track similar to SNSD's style, listeners who are picky about rap skills. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKSzjvvxwJg SNSD’s fiercest member has stepped back in the ring ...

Album Review – Jun.K’s Mr. NO♡

Album Review – Jun.K’s Mr. NO♡

Release Date : August 8, 2016   Tracklist : Mr. NO♡ THINK ABOUT YOU BETTER MAN YOUNG FOREVER 파도타기 우리집 가지마 (Feat. Baek A Yeon) NO LOVE Part 2 (Feat. San E)   Total Runtime: 00 : 29 : 54   Recommended for: Listeners who cannot resist silky smooth R’n’B ...

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